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"This is an epidemic," she said, in conversation with fellow journalist Maria Shriver as part of the former First Lady of California's Architects of Change series presented by Ford Motor Company earlier this week."This is everywhere, from Des Moines to Wall Street.We're operating on a couple levels: the typical step of a relationship going on a temporary break — like the Ross and Rachel "we were on a break! But also, then the grander notion of trying to escape someone's life effect on yourself. It was something like imagine your sexuality is a stick and every other stick you rub up against leaves something on you.It was a weird way of warning her not to fuck too many people because no matter how much you think you're over it, those encounters have an effect on you.

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Take a look at my profile and see if you are interested in the same things as I a…

You have to make sure that you have evidence so that you’re more believed.

The second thing I would point out as a tip is that, if you can find the courage, tell at least one or two colleagues what’s happening so that you have a witness.

Tell a man, because until we change this problem, it may have more weight if a man comes forward.

I think part of it is our justice system to be honest with you.

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    A Monaco GP racing game featuring the name and likeness of six time winner Ayrton Senna. In the world championship mode, Sonic runs across the bottom of the screen at the rival select menu.