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Women are more deliberate when scanning profiles; they’ll eliminate men for a minor typo or misspelling.

Typically he’s already contact her, signaling there’s interest. The username doesn’t have to be the wittiest creation you’ve ever come up with – it just can’t include things that will turn women off. You might be able to slide in an occasion beach photo, but try to refrain from any pictures with your clothes off. There’s no need to tell them how much sexual chemistry is important to you – pretty sure that shit is implied since we’re all horny pigs. It’s expected to add a one maybe two inches to your height, especially if you’re in the dreaded 5’6” to 5’9” range.

I feel like especially in a city like New York EVERYONE has something in common just by virtue of living in the biggest city in the US.

Also most people aren't from here, so that's always something to talk about. I think I work longer hours, party much more, go out more, sleep less and probably exercise more than you. I love spending time relaxing on the couch, but I also love to dance every week.

Cupid was founded by Harvard math majors, so I have confidence in their match algorithm.

I feel like I'm adaptable to almost any situation and get along with all kinds of people.

They want to know you can provide, make them laugh and that you’re someone they can trust. (I actually came across this guy while searching for one of our female clients.

On our third date I told you all about my parents and I feel like instead of just listening to me and/or trying to see things from a different perspective, you basically just told me what "I should be doing" and essentially what I was doing was "wrong." As in I should be calling my mom every day and not speaking poorly of my father.

How are you going to ask someone to open up and then chastise them for doing so? I highly recommend that you move to San Francisco once you are done with New York.

My profile says it all when I talk about the various music and situations that I love. It would be ideal to find a partner to share these things with.

Lastly, on our first date you told me that I talk a lot but that you didn't feel like I talked enough about the "real me." You asked me if I ever open up to girls on dates.

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