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As Cruz and Eden began dating during this period, their differing ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds, became major hurdles in their relationship. Despite this, Cruz and Eden continued with their relationship and were soon engaged.However, as with any supercouple, more problems ensued that jeopardized the relationship.

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When I arrived in the show, I was told that my character was supposed to be related to Warren Lockridge.However, more events would postpone the wedding and damage the relationship. The future wedding is postponed even further when an ambitious business man, by the name of Kirk Cranston, comes to town.A fire at the Capwell Hotel stopped Cruz and Eden's first attempt at marriage in 1985. He helped Eden run the family business, but had a strong romantic interest in Eden as well.As a matter of fact, Cruz and Eden did not seem to like each other very much in their early scenes from 1984.Not only were their differing ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds a strong factor in their initial dislike, but Eden and Cruz were attracted to other characters on the show.

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