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This is a recently constructed Bhavan in the year 1995 and it houses the office of tourism department and OIDC.

The Secretariat building which houses the office of the Administrator, Finance Secretary, Development Commissioner and other Government offices is situated at Fort, Moti Daman. Church of Our Lady of Remedies which belongs to the 16th century is a blend of both Gothic and Byzantian style of architecture.

The architecture here is more of a dominance of Roman Church art and architecture which is revealed from the statues seen here.

The main door and the ceilings are carved with intricacy along with highly decorated interiors. The other places of interest in Daman includes the the Fort of St.

However the Portuguese was successful in taking over Diu only in 1535 by taking advantage of the cold war between the king and the Mughal emperor, Humayun.

Both Daman and Diu came totally under the control of the Portuguese after the Peace treaty in 1539 and remained as a Portuguese colony until 1961.

Its decline and down fall still remain a mystery in the history.

The ideal time to visit Daman and Diu is between the months of October to May.Daman and Diu became a Union Territory only after de-linking from Goa which attained statehood on May 30; 1987.Daman is separated from Gujarat by the Kolak River in the North and the Kalai River in the South. The main river Damanganga divides the town into two parts Moti Daman in the South and Nani Daman in the North.At the entrance on the left side, almost attached to the Fort Gate is the modest dwelling where Bocage, an 18th Century Portuguese poet lived.This has once been a great seat of theological studies, a seminary of global repute for priestly noviciates, and attracted Catholic scholars from far and near.

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