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Harper's autobiographical novel is almost out, his girlfriend Robin desires commitment, and he's best man at the wedding of Lance, a pro athlete. " It's time for one of those weeks, and all four relationships are strained: Patricia and her husband Gavin have the shadow of grief between them; Terry believes that Diane has abandoned him for her work; Angela, who's built a successful business, belittles her husband Marcus, who works for her; Mike is cruel to Sheila, his religious, overweight wife. It's funny to hear the older crowd preach to you when you were younger and then it all comes to light..."He who is without sin, cast the first stone." People act like they have never done any wrong, and cannot relate.

Everyone has a story, and if this is how a young, talented, black man chooses to tell be it. Whether you are black, white, blue, green, yellow or purple you will, at some point in your life, will experience something that someone else has. I am glad he has put out movies that not only touch on the black experience, but touch on the overall experience of relationships of family.

Currently Lamman is single so there must be no questions about Lamman Rucker wife or girlfriend.

The fans of Lamman can easily get the information about him through various wiki sites like Wikipedia, IMDb and various other webpages and blogs.

Most of his videos are also uploaded in the popular video site You Tube.

Lamman also loves to update about his ongoing life and uploads his pictures in various social sites like Twitter where there are around 64.3k followers with 7828 tweets and in Instagram which is used by approximately 56.1k followers.

Though the exact date of their break up is unknown in the media and internet, but according to the interview of the online site Essence, Lamman verified their relationship as just good friend which was published in the end of 2009 which proves that their love relation did not last for very long duration.

There were even various gossips in the media about Lamman Rucker married but all those news were false.

Lamman went to Duke Ellington School of the Arts in his childhood to complete his schooling.

See full summary » Peaches, a hair stylist from Baltimore, and her estranged sister, Angela, the owner of an upscale salon in Beverly Hills, get reacquainted when Peaches decides to attend a celebration for ...

See full summary » Terry is an up and coming comedian, but believes politics will get him the big breaks and more time at the popular Dukie's Comedy Club.

Born to Eric Rucker and Malaya Rucker, this amazing American actor is very talented and is able to win the heart of many fans.

Lamman has a very tall height of six feet and three inches with a perfect body and good looks.

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