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Either way, this guide will help you pick the best smartphone for your needs and outline why you might want a smartphone like the i Phone, Android or Jitterbug.

I wanted a fairly easy pattern since my plan was to make 10 bears, and I wanted the bear to be large enough to showcase the different fabrics and would sit unsupported. I ended up choosing Simplicity Sewing Pattern 5461 (affiliate link) which was for a ‘classic’ 22-inch stuffed bear.The list below ranks the best smartphones for seniors in order start with our favorites. There is no physical keyboard or number pad on these phones, but many users can quickly adapt to using the on-screen buttons.We include top of the line models as well as more affordable options that are still great for seniors. All of our best smartphones for seniors also include voice control options that will allow you to simply tell the phone what you want to do.Inside the i Phone 8 Plus is an amazing camera that you can use to take pictures of grandkids, vacations and anything you enjoy without bringing a bigger camera with you.The i Phone 8 Plus is available on all major carriers for .50 a month.

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