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My wife Stephanie and I (Kyle) are swingers, we were at a swing club. We have our kink, we like to have sex with others for fun and to add to our emotional well being.

For those who can handle it, many couples can’t, it can be an uplifting part of their marriage.

He brings up his fantasy to his partner, if she isn’t turned off by the idea they discuss it, fantasize about it, eventually they might decide to do something about it.

My wife and I got started in our forties, we were watching our children grow and begin to leave the house, we were bored with our sexual routines, we wanted something different.

Two young people who have been hooking up since their college days might decide that just because they’re now “a couple”, it doesn’t mean they have to stop seeing other people.

A woman might wish to dabble in bisexuality, a daydream that’s been hanging around for decades.

The contract was unspoken, we traipsed from the dance floor into a room with two beds.

Of course, while our story is typical, other people have other reasons, other ways of getting into the Life Style.

The swinger life Style certainly isn’t for everyone. Is that couple (or single) someone you’d like to see again?

But for every couple considering this, the antidote to jealousy and nervousness is communications. When a married couple doesn’t connect with each other, it invariably leads to drama, the enemy of harmony.

But after you’ve talked it out, decided to give it a shot, how do you meet swingers?

First of all, I seriously recommend you don’t contact any of your good friends or someone you work with, find out if they think you’re as sexy as you think they are.

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