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If you go by car, ask someone else to drive so you can focus on watching for and calling your animal.· Contact your local animal control office and describe your pet (type of animal, name, breed, color, size, distinguishing marks if any, and license number if your pet was wearing a collar and tags).

Not to be confused with Fallen Creator, where a once-respected creator is permanently due to a string of flops or personal misbehaviors. Is a Crapshoot or for when an author wants to kill their own work. I have posted ads, sent out fliers, visited pound, websites, done everything. I had him for 8 loving years and he was closer to me than any friend I ever had. Because this kind of loss can be extremely difficult, it is not at all unusual that you would be feeling and reacting the way that you describe.It has been 6 weeks and I thought I was over him, but I am not. I have a special place in my heart for pet parents like yourself, who are seeking support for pet loss not because their pets have died, but rather because they're missing. How could I go on with celebrations with family and friends when my heart was breaking? Whatever the circumstances, because of the uncertainty involved, this experience can be a most devastating kind of loss, in some ways even worse than a death.If you see anyone along the way, inform them of your search.If you need to search a larger area, use a bicycle.

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