Dating a older woman

Younger men can find these qualities provocative and exciting – not threatening, but challenging.

To show your best qualities as a man, and to be taken seriously in the dating pool, compliment your female partner when she discusses her success in her career.

There is openness and excitement with what an older woman can bring to your relationship – romantically, sexually, emotionally.

The whole package comes with seasoning and maturity and those are qualities in women that you are drawn to.

With less gender-specific stereotypes, a younger man might appreciate a woman with a little more life experience by the mere fact that you have been alive longer. You want to be appreciated, adored, cherished, and not experienced as threatening or placed in the role of being a parent in a romantic relationship.

First off, get the age question out of the way up front and don’t let it rule as the elephant in the room. ” Don’t add doubt where doubt does not exist by continually asking him for validation in this area.

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Remember that no matter their success in the outside world, most every woman, and person, wishes to feel adored and appreciated.You will just be a twosome and hopefully, your differences in age will not affect any aspect of your experience.In general, we’re all figuring this out as we go and this, like everything, is written from that perspective.For many men, a woman in a position of power is a normal, familiar circumstance can help younger men be eager, open, willing and appreciative of the wisdom, the guidance and decisive nature that mature, successful women can offer.When you’re a successful woman who gravitates toward younger men, it may be because you find in them, a non-defensive willingness to absorb what you can provide.

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