Asian dating game

We were all about working the law of averages, knowing that if we talked to enough girls, at some point we’d find a keen girl.We did have a few tactic in place but those were very situational, like how to make sure that your girl put in for the bill without making things awkward. What we didn’t have was any over-arching theory, strategy, or system that went beyond “try again,” so when we heard of “game” we immediately started applying the principles.Beta doesn’t mean what you think it does and showing interest in Asian women will get you further than any displays of active dis-interest ever will. At the register, “forget” something back at your table and leave her there at the cashier.By the time you get back, 9 times out of 10, she’ll have paid the bill so you can then “pay her back” your half later.It wasn’t long until we noticed some disconnects that, I gradually came to realize, sabotaged some of the best relationships I ever had.It also caused me to leave a lot of get-able girls on the table.“Be the prize,” “make girls chase,” “show disinterest,” “make her invest in the interaction,” and more will get you nowhere, very, very fast.Asian girls take their dating lives very seriously in a way that western women don’t.

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Many western guys, who are good with women back home, land in Asia and are dumbstruck by the “loser” local guys they see with the beautiful women they want.

The basic concept that runs through all “pickup” theories and “game” back in the West, the concept that will destroy your chances with Asian women, goes by many names.

In Asia, though, trying is an indicator not of desperation but of real interest.

While I believe that’s partially because the acceptability of prostitution in Asia as a means for satisfying sexual urges which means that “normal” women are not the only or even the best sexual option, there is another part and that is that women chasing a man will ruin her chances of being able to get that man for more than sex. Women use sex as one of the lures to lock men down in relationships. Asian women aren’t looking for sexual satisfaction when they date though it is definitely a bonus. As a general rule, getting women in Asia = image (status displays or looks) trying hard (calling/texting, saying how much you like her, promising a future together) alcohol (the secret sauce a lot of Asian guys use to create the right situation but not a tactic we’d touch here at Asian Dating Monthly.

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